Hello, my name is Kiley Melicker and I am an amateur of many things. I currently reside in Portland, Oregon.

Film photography has had a special place in my heart since 2005 when my dad lent me his Nikon Nikkormat, the same camera he used as a young photographer. Though I plan to return the camera one day, it is still in my possession.

The camera collection/problem has grown to include a Yashica Mat 124G, Holga 120, Nikon D90, toy cameras, Brownie, Polaroid 600, Vivitar 110mm, and a Miranda Sensorex. Though I rely mainly on film, I am opening my horizons to the world of digital photography, photo editing, and design.

I am a born observer, concentrating on details and using them to comment on or further explore larger issues. One such example is the Women Outside project. This project focuses on the faces women make as they navigate public spaces that are often unfriendly or violent towards women. I'm using these images to comment on the way in which street harassment and other violence has changed the way in which women present themselves in public spaces through faces and posture. If you identify as a woman and are interested in being a part of the project, please contact me.

When not taking pictures, I like to play accordion, write silly songs, care for Batman the Beta Fish (S.I.P.), forage for fungus, type letters to friends, and spend as much time in water as possible.

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