Chesbro Lake 2006 / by Let It Be Raw

This is what the bottom of a lake looks like when it is empty, cracked, and drying. Chesbro Lake hides in the Santa Teresa foot hills and next to a route I would often take to avoid the freeway. I went to this lake often to explore or take pictures because I was so fascinated with being able to walk on the bottom of a lake. It was empty for two or more years or so and is full now. At least, it was full the last time I checked, but I imagine it would be because of all the rain.

Next to the lake there was a burned down biker bar that added to the bleak and haunted emptiness of Chesbro. John was my adventuring buddy during this roll of film. I made him pose a few times for me in the bar and attempted to make him look like a ghost by blurring his figure but leaving the background sharp. It didn't work too well, but I still find the pictures to give off an effect of a gray, cold, and eerie presence.