Street Light Portraits Failure Summer 2010 / by Let It Be Raw

I knew immediately after shooting these portraits that they would be over exposed. I was stuck in the mode of holding on to the bulb for minutes from previous experiments and definitely held the exposure for too long in this set because of that. When I saw these pictures for the first time, I did not like them and was annoyed with my mistake. I haven't looked at them for three weeks until today. Today, I like them. I think they are fantastical, a little nightmare-ish, slightly unnerving, and intriguing. This has happened to me before, where I look back at photography from years or even days ago and appreciate them (or not), and completely change my opinion or find a new insight. I'm excited to try this lighting with portraits again knowing that a mistake or failure could actually bring something interesting that I didn't even imagine while photographing, which will also open up my field of experimentation. Failure can be artistic.