Photo Project Completed / by Let It Be Raw

So here it is, the photo project I have been working on for about 2.5 months together and completed. Clicking any photo will take you to the original post if you're interested in what I had to say about each picture individually because right now I am going to concentrate on the project as a whole.

The project doesn't have a name, but the central idea I wanted to concentrate on where aspects of beauty taken out of context so that they're not actually beautiful but odd or weird standing alone. I wanted to explore what is thought of as beautiful as a whole and then deconstruct the body into parts. I had to have 10 prints because it was an assignment for a photo class, but if I was to send this project somewhere or present it, I would remove the woman's hands on silk, the lace socks, and possibly the photo with the flower on a man's chest. I would remove those because I think the other 7 photo work much better together that way and are more cohesive.

I designed each photo, took each photo, developed the film and printed every picture by hand. It was great lab practice and I am sad it's over. I just loved being a photography nerd with my classmates and watching everyone's project change and develop. It's also a bummer to not have free lab access. Now I have to wait to develop film rather than developing it myself. I already have 3 rolls ready to develop, but I need to go to Santa Cruz to develop them. I'll have to find other things to post!

Anyways, I would love to hear your opinion about this project. Once art is out there, it's no longer truly mine because it is interpreted in so many ways by others. One friend saw a lot of emotion, another person thought that I was depressed when I made this project (which is odd to me because I wasn't and had a lot of fun and laughs in making it), some thought the pictures were playful, others wanted the photos to be in color... But I love to talk photography and you don't have to be a photographer to talk about it! Any fresh perspective will be interesting. Thanks!

p.s. if you really like them, some are available in my print shop!