Book Review #9 / by Let It Be Raw

(I found this image here)

I have done a book review before about field guides (Mushrooms Demystified, which I wrote about here). I am doing another one (and will probably do more) just because learning from field guides is one of my favorite things to do. Being unemployed, I have plenty of time when not looking for work, to learn new things. I'm basically doing everything that I would do when I retire some 45 years from now.

I have been photographing some rocks that were my grandfathers, drawing them, and attempting to identify them. I've always been interested in rocks and minerals, and having lots of rocks around as been a definite push.


These rocks are also going to push me into doing more macro photography. I'm working on a project right now that is in black and white, but as soon as that is finished I will be macro-ing my time rocks!

In what ways do you teach yourself new things? With books? From friends? College?