New Design for Etsy / by Let It Be Raw

I'm really proud of this small, geometric, graphic design collection I made for my Etsy shop. It definitely reveals more to my slight obsession of elements and nature. I may eventually add more to the collection, but for now I don't want to over do it. All the images are made from my own film photographs so they're still raw, but refashioned. Clicking any image will take you to etsy.





Many times I have photographs that I don't know what to do with and are not very interesting, so being able to reuse them in this way makes me pretty happy. Does anyone else feel this way about photographs, fabric, drawings or other art?

p.s. I'm on vacation next week and have an excellent line up of guest posts from blogs I like to read. Thanks in advance to all the bloggers who took the extra time to make a guest post for me! I really appreciate it.