Next Week / by Let It Be Raw

Hi readers and friends,

I'm leaving for Disney World! I don't really like to talk much about personal things though they do slip in because photography can be very, very personal (or odd, because I photograph Nick so much some of you may think me obsessed. Really, he is around a lot and I carry my camera wherever I go). But, I will tell you that I am super excited to go on vacation because it has been a strange and difficult year.

I thought by now, as a graduate, I would have a secure job (rather than being laid off) and be able to start my dream job as a photographer. It is tough and times make me feel useless, so I try to stay positive and look for work and update this blog every day I can because I know that eventually, things will get better (and that there could be worse things than this). Meanwhile, I will go with my mom and my aunts and have a lovely time in Disney World. I will be back next weekend.

I hope you all have a great week,
Kiley M