Sandwich / by Let It Be Raw

I think I'm going to start introducing more food to this blog because food is delicious. I'll be able to take nicer photos of food when I get a DSLR someday cause this little point and shoot lens sucks. It's good for blog use, but I'm picky about photos.

I made a bomb diggidy sandwich today. I haven't really decided on a name. It's sort of like two open-faced sandwiches:

Sweet sweet local sage honey from Pescadero.

Fennel and lavender goat cheese from Arcata.

Some strange hybrid fruit I found in the fridge. I think it was a pluot?


One side peanut butter, hybrid thing, honey, and cinnamon.

Other side goat cheese, fruity fruit, honey.

All delicious in my belly.

News for this week:
  • I am doing a give away on Thursday, so keep an eye out for some free art!
  • Lastly, I will be sharing a new photography collection of graphic design images that I made from unused film photographs and would love some thoughts/advice/ideas about them.