Cameras / by Let It Be Raw

If I could, I would have many more cameras than I actually need or would use regularly. In fact, I already have too many, but I do love to collect them. I have been poking around Etsy (clicking on any image will take you to the seller's Etsy store) and thought to share these lovelies with you:

1. Kodak Vigilant Six-20. I really would love to have a bellows type camera, specifically in large format (larger than this camera). I'm talking hiding under a black blanket like in the old days kind of bellows camera. Yes.

2. Polaroid Sonar One Step. These are getting super popular right now, which could be a good/bad thing. More may pop up on Etsy and Ebay, but the prices might be jacked all high. I appreciate people bringing back old cameras to popularity, but the product demand is sometimes too ridiculous. This pretty much describes my love/hate relationship with hipsters.

3. Kodak Brownie. Another camera that I've wanted to a super long time. It's just so quaint and very nostalgic. Plus, you can use 120 film in it after a few simple adjustments.

4. Camera Bag. Mine is box shaped and not easy to carry around. My camera bag looks like this around my neck. Yes, it can hold a beer and protect my camera equipment at the same time, but that is the length of it's use.

5. HOLY SHIT. If I had money in the bank, I would use it all on this collection. It has everything I could want and more for a pack-rat camera collection. All more I can say is yes, please.
I have a problem. What's your poison?