Halloween Portraits / by Let It Be Raw

These are some of the edited photos from the Halloween themed shoot I did with the deadly doodler. The lighting and studio were pretty ridiculous, as you can see from this entry here. We worked with what we could, and these are the photos that came out the best:

"Halloween Portrait"
Halloween 1

"Goth Doll"
Goth Doll


"Goth Doll with Candle"
Goth Doll with Candle

"Halloween Portrait 2"
Halloween Portrait 2

I still have a lot to learn in dealing with post-processing. This was great practice and I'm excited to do more.

  • I have an interview today for a full time job. I am thoroughly ecstatic.
  • I really appreciate all the comments over the weekend about my Etsy shop. I will be changing a lot of things through November and will hopefully have plenty of new things for Let It Be Raw in December and the new year.
  • I have officially started a new project in black and white, and I am looking forward to sharing parts of it soon.