The Project, pt. 1 / by Let It Be Raw

From now on every week or so I will be sharing a photo from the current project I am working on. It's in black and white film and I will be developing and printing everything by hand in a lab. I just love sitting in the dark with the smell of chemicals making prints!

I don't have the title yet, but the working title is "Distant Portraits". If, over time, you see more of my images and are struck with the idea for a better or super awesome title, don't be afraid to leave a comment with your title and idea. I'm not the best with titles and would love to hear fresh creative ideas from strangers.

A brief description of the project is something like this: a focus on the contradicting ideas of distance and connection between body and nature. That's the short and sweet of if and I will go into more descriptive detail later. These project tend to shift on me while I'm working on them anyways, so right now I'm not too concerned with description.

Enough talk! Here is the first image of the project:


This isn't a full-on nature image, but I'm going to fit it into the project. I had my friend make this awkward posture to mimic the stiffness of bricks.

And the project begins.