Vacation / by Let It Be Raw

I didn't take many pictures in Disney World because I was too busy sweating, drinking water, and reapplying sunscreen. In fact, I only took pictures on the first day during my sweaty jaunt in Florida in the Animal Kingdom. I took really crappy digital pictures, so I'm only sharing three decent ones.

The tiger in the first image gives you a small glimpse into how hot/humid it was. I was surprised by how many beautiful fluffy clouds there are in Florida (and how filled with thunder and lighting they were at night). I would really like to explore more states because I've only been to a few (Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Florida). I think it would be great to go on a cross-country road trip, in sort of a circle so I can explore the northern and southern parts of the U.S. Things to think about.

Here is a video of my cat to make up for the lack of photos.
Do not be fooled by this video. He is a big fat jerk in real life.