The Project, pt. 7 / by Let It Be Raw

First, I would like to say that I did a guest post for Annika of A Sweet Release. Check it out by clicking here! Hopefully it is up today and I didn't get the date wrong :/

Back to the project...

This is photo 7 titled "leaves" from the current project I'm working on (if you want the details about the project, click here). This wasn't a planned photo. So far for the project I imagined a person with a specific nature background and posture with stick figure that I drew in a notebook.

Nick and I where walking around his parents place where we came across this droopy looking tree that I thought would make for a great background. This is partly why I have so many pictures of Nick. I asked him to droop his head forward to mimic the tree. I really like the different textures of the leaves, hair, and skin. That kind of combination of 3 textures keeps popping up in this project. It was an unexpected theme, but I like that it happened.