The Project, pt. 8 / by Let It Be Raw


This is photo 8 titled "bark" from the current project I'm working on (if you want the details about the project, click here). I already started to run out of time and people who could model for me. So many of my friends have moved and I didn't really have a diverse group of willing people to work with. This is a bummer for me because 1) as you may have noticed so far all of the models are mainly white 2) I had to use the same model more than once (Nick) because of time and availability. I just developed my last roll of film for this project and I have only 4 more pictures to share after this one.

I'm both excited to have an entire collection together, but bummed that I didn't have enough time to gather all the people/resources that I needed. It won't be perfect, but the theme will be clear and I will have 12 prints.

In this photo I asked the model to grab onto the bark to look like he was hanging off it as a branch or leaves. The three textures of nature, skin, and hair are present, but not perfect because the background adds a 4th texture. I like it and it will work for the project, but it isn't everything that I want it to be.