December Break / by Let It Be Raw

(one of few self-portraits I've done. Taken with 35mm slide film in 2005)

I used this blog to get me through a really difficult time of being unemployed, feeling useless and lost. I worked really hard almost everyday to have a post up that was new, interesting, involved photography and shared my art. Having this blog and trying to start a business pretty much saved my sanity.

Right now I do have a temporary job and am very busy working, holiday preparing and spending time with loved ones. There will be less posts from here on out unless I have the urge again to post every day. I will be posting film and photos when it is developed, will share other people's art, will sometimes do book reviews, and will for the new year entirely change this layout. I also still read your blogs! I may not be leaving as many comments as I have been, but I do read them and support you.

What I'm saying is that the direction of this blog is in mid-change to something else that is good for me.

Kiley M