Off highway 1 / by Let It Be Raw

Can I just point out the obvious really quick here and say that I love the California coast. There is something so thrilling to me about driving along the windy coast road on a warm day, pulling over to stare at the ocean or eat cheese, bread, and avocados. It's almost like a dream, maybe because it makes me feel so warm like I've just woken up on a Sunday morning... I digress. California does weird things to me sometimes.

I had a great time traveling with my two good friends last Sunday. We drove into Pfieffer park in Big Sur and hiked up to a waterfall. It was one of those trips where someone falls asleep in the back seat because the day is so relaxing. We stopped by one of the many beaches on our return drip and climbed on rocks. The waves were huge and the winter warmth was unreal.

The rockier, the better!

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