Printing Paper 6 / by Let It Be Raw

As you can see, my California Parks progress digresses into a study of California Geology. This image is shale (still need to confirm) from the California coast of Santa Cruz in Natural Bridges.
Santa Cruz Rock 01
Natural Bridges State Beach was originally named for a an outcropping of sand and rock that used to be a nice bridge out about 100 feet into the ocean. Over time, weather, and eventual collapse, there is no longer a bridge connecting land to sea. It's still called Natural Bridges today, though I've never seen it as a bridge in my lifetime and only in pictures. My dad has a picture he took of the bridge when he was 18 or so.

It's weird experiencing a place like Natural Bridges that is no longer representative of the original reason it was named. Now it's only a history and memory. C'mon people, let's do some deep thinking this lovely Thursday morning. Any places or historical landmarks you can think of that are like this?