Use of an Artist's Work / by Let It Be Raw

I found this on youtube today via flickr's referrer's section (ie the section that tells me where people viewed or how they find my photo, be it from my blog, via google search, from tumblr's blogs, or in this case, from someone who used my photography and gave me credit). Yes, this video has one of my most popular photos in the background for the entirety of the song.

It happens that this song is nice and it's great to see that someone had a connection with this photo - however no one asked me whether or not they could use my photography. This gets complicated because they did indeed give me photo credit. They being the person who chose the photo with this song (it was not the band).

So, what I'm getting at here is how do you feel about people using your created art/ideas/whatever without your permission, but by giving you credit? This happens to me all the time with tumblr, (which does give some credit) and Pinterest, which usually gives the artist no credit what-so-ever (which is why I don't use Pinterest and generally hate that website). FYI, my photography is copyrighted on Flickr (all rights reserved) and via myfreecopyright here on this blog.

Thoughts? Ideas?