Happy New Year / by Kiley Melicker

2014 was the year I challenged myself. I made a lot of big decisions and plans while pushing my boundaries.

  • I quit my job in Santa Cruz (a good job with wonderful people)
  • Traveled to Japan for a month and befriended the amazing Claire
  • Began the Women Outside project
  • Left my family, Peapods, comfort zone and California and moved to Oregon
  • Temped around Portland and was challenged with work I never thought I would do (worked at a raw cat food company and a non-profit outpatient clinic that assists children and families)
  • Started volunteering with the county Libraries
  • Lived with my 2nd family, the McCutchens. Without them, I would not have been able to move to Oregon
  • Moved into a basement in winter with my Special Man Friend
  • Finally found a permanent job after 6 months of stressful searching with Portland State University (I just barely made this in before 2015. My first day was NYE.)

In 2015 my goals are to:

  • Continue challenging myself and grow
  • Get to the top of the steep, new job learning curve
  • Apply/begin a masters program at Portland State University
  • Photograph more with film and continue projects
  • Complete my 2nd accordion album
  • Go on a backpacking trip
  • Pay off student loan debt
  • Learn how to sew
  • Keep Batman the Fish Man alive (2.5 years!)
  • Take a train trip to the East Coast

It is an understatement to say that a lot has happened this year. A lot has happened this year. I'm hoping to keep up with my goals and maybe hang low on the radar for a bit and recuperate from 2014. Woo!