Ireland / by Kiley Melicker

There are so many people to thank for this trip, all of you loved ones. Ireland was Brandon's and my honeymoon choice and we saved up for this trip for over a year with the help of friends and family on our wedding day. Planning for such a long time made the trip seem unreal until I stepped off the plane.

We started in Dublin, took a train to Waterford, bused to Cahir and Cashell, bused to Cork and Killarney, bused to Limerick, Galway, then Clifden, and took a train back to Dublin. Our travel took a two week, clockwise circle around the island.

Some highlights from the trip:

Dublin: Guinness Storehouse Tour, The Book of Kells and the Long Library at Trinity College, All the Guinness, The Dublin Writers Museum, walking for miles around the city

Cashell: Rock of Cashell, Hore Abbey, traditional Irish music, beers in a 400 year old bar, B&B best location and window view of the Abbey, delicious fish chowder

Killarney: Glamping, drinking whiskey by the campfire, traditional music in old bars, touching wool, taking a rowboat out on Lough Leane lake, cooking

Galway: wandering the streets, getting lost in old bars and buildings, traditional music, buskers, bridges and rivers, walking into a wedding party at the hotel

Clifden: views of Connemara national park, lakes, bays, rivers, and mist, the absolute best dinner of the trip, local whiskey, walking Sky Road to the beach

It was a journey that involved a lot of Gunniess, chit chat with locals and tourists, some alternative planning when I fell and busted both of my knees in Killarney, many museums, a lot of fish, much walking, working together to plan and navigate places we have never seen before, and an incredible amount of gratefulness. Thank you <3

If you'd like to see more photos from the trip, you can find them here.