When you get film developed that is years old... by Kiley Melicker

I found this portrait of my dear friend Eric basking in the sun wearing his most Eric of Eric sweaters. I love it. I think this is from 2013 - the film was definitely expired by the time I got it developed a couple weeks ago.


I found the most wonderful camera and film development store in Portland called Blue Moon Camera in the St Johns neighborhood. It takes me an hour to get there by bus, but it is worth it. I brought in 5 rolls of film that were untouched from 2013ish (some earlier) and expired. Sadly, many images did not come out in development. The owner of the store helped me out with my 35mm Nikkormat camera which has been acting up. He sent me home with some film and testing to do to pinpoint some issues. I was ready right then and there to just drop of my camera for a full spa day, but taking the time to test the camera will save $$$.

I'm slowly working my way back into film after a 5 year hiatus and it feels right. The hard part at this point is getting all my equipment back into working order - dead batteries and light meters, dusty cameras (dusty brain), mystery film and expired film. I do miss it though, which I take as a sign to return.