Holga 120mm double exposure at Point Lobos in California.
 A photo project I did for a friend interested in the Golden Gateway in San Francisco, CA.   The Golden Gateway is a utopian community of apartments in San Francisco that were built a level up above street level. In this community, you can find everything you need without ever having to interact with street level community: movies, grocery stores, cafes, parking, hair stylists, optometrists, and much more. You are in San Francisco, above it, never really experiencing it, looking out your window to the Bay and not a building if you're lucky.  Once you step into the Golden Gateway, you could literally be anywhere other than San Francisco. There is no brick of this place that speaks of San Francisco's identity. It is the Safeway of apartments.  This description is a bit harsh. The experience itself was very surreal - there were no people around and I felt I had been transported to an eerie and lifeless world with well manicured plants. This is in no way a critique on the people that live in the Golden Gateway. It is a critique on the actual architrecture and City planning required to make such a place possibe.
 An ongoing project in which I photograph one city and then retake the same roll of film in another city. So far, I have finished one roll of film that combines two California Cities, Santa Cruz and Arcata.   I had hopes of sharing this project with other photographers across the US that would photograph their city, mail me the roll they shot, then I would overlay my city. The plan never went through, but if you're interested please contact me.
Geometric Lake 1